March 31: Next Pandemic…

I think I’m ready when the next pandemic hits!!! 

It’s really amazing when you think about the last year and how the world truly did change… 

I always joke around and say “I’m going to do this when the next pandemic happens…”

Well, maybe we will see something like it or maybe we won’t… who knows! 

I feel the greatest thing was trying to take everything in a positive stride and understand that there will always be a curveball thrown at us… some we can take one stride and knock it out of the park!  Others it might take us a few strikeouts before we make contact with the ball only to receive a single… 

Between working in the education system and inside the restaurant industry, adjustments had to be made. Sure, we can all sit here and judge the lawmakers and those that set us up… Sometimes for success and other times… not so much! 

I honestly have to give a lot of credit to those who had to make the choices… and I feel especially in my district, we made the best with what was given to us.

So good luck everyone it has been a slice… Get it?

One thought on “March 31: Next Pandemic…

  1. Working in education AND the restaurant industry in the last year?! What a whammy! I’ll bet you got a lot of curveballs in the last year! We might not be ready for the next pandemic, but we have definitely gotten a lot better at dealing with curveballs! Your positive attitude is such a lovely note to end the month on.


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