March 30: A Day Off…

It’s weird to think about it – but today is my first actual day off from either job since January 10th…

Unfortunately, I’m still stuck to a time schedule with bowling tonight, however, it feels weird (and good) to have nothing planned for the morning.

So, I did what I know best – found something to do… Planning for this morning for about a week – I picked up 2 full hazmat suits and some heavy duty masks to start going at the ceiling and the insulation on top of it…

One of those things like the gym, not hard to do – but getting there is 1/2 the battle.

I’ve procrastinated to go as far as taking Theo the bulldog to get his nails trimmed – and brought all 3 dogs with me for the voyage –

Now, I’m home and here goes nothing!

Should be a fun filled day of running up and down a latter, chasing a puppy who will be eating any debris that I can’t control 🙂

One thought on “March 30: A Day Off…

  1. Man, you need to learn to sit an relax for just a few hours! LOL I am sure that you are eager to get started so you can get done…it will look great!


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