March 28 – Ok… Bet? Wait What?

Working with late teens definitely has the ups and the downs…

A few hours a drama each week never hurt any one … and certainly getting reminded about my “age” as Dan, the Old Guy from time to time…

But definitely a positive to take out of all of this is the new lingo I’m learning…

Today – let us break down – responding to someone who asks you to do something…

Example: Billy, can you please take out the garbage?

Billy’s response from the last 36 years of Earth have been… a simple… “OK” or even a “you got it”

But now – the response is … “OK BET”

At first, I thought the 19 year old I was talking to said, “OK bay…”

When letting it go the first month or so, I finally let him know I was off the market and happily married – in which we talked about the response…

“OK BET” is referring to… “Ok, you can bet on it” <—- WHAT?!

We’re working in a generation who is coming in line behind the LOL and the IDK and any other way to shorten speech, preferably through text conversation… and now to throw the wrench in – we are adding a syllable or 2…


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