March 27- I’ll have some of the yella…

21 years ago, I was blessed with the greatest 16th birthday present…

A 1972 Chevy C10 pickup truck, banana yellow with a few modifications and a beautiful 350 small block V8 under the hood.

Since high school and forever more, I don’t think I will understand things in a car more than changing a tire, oil, or windshield wiper blades.

The greatest thing about my first love is how it got to me.

My dad was quoting a house full of windows for a nice elderly widow who had just recently lost her husband. Walking out through the garage, he ran by the truck and made the deal… house full of windows for the truck… she didn’t hesitate and either did he.

A few kids I grew up around were given that sweet brand new car with the brand new car smell… my gift was full of carbureted fumes…

Because of an issue a few months back, when my truck got broken into in a public parking spot, I had to spend a few hours last night making a window out of an Amazon box, heavy duty garbage bag, and some good ole Tyvek tape.

I had to take my first love into the tire place for some new treads!

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