March 26 – Spring… Hit the Brakes!

What a weird year this has been – and the fun just continues…

I can’t tell you how excited I am for Spring Break to finally be here, this will be our first time since the pandemic getting out of the house for a mini-vacation – not really a vacation perhaps, we are just headed down to Southern Illinois to visit her Grandpa – Pop…

As for the school part, I just drew out a map to pencil in plans for the remainder of the school year – 37 school days left and not one day off for a break in between… this is going to be fun!

Not to mention, we are now combining our hybrid groups together. For me, it will be 5-3rd graders and 7-4th graders…

I never thought I would have to put together a Spring plan for building routines and procedures, but hey, it is what it is…

I just hope the kiddos can take as much as possible out of this year – and when they are asked in 20 years what they did during the pandemic, they will remember that crazy, big, bald teacher – providing as much support along the rough road…

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