March 24: 2nd Time around

After the first 5, you start to see the scoreboard and realize your row doesn’t show any numbers – just a few “x”s…

By the 7th, my thumb was sticking like it was stuck in a tilted Corona – so out came the baby powder…

I couldn’t tell you what the 8th looked like, I just know that even with the shot I was throwing, I was still getting the worlds worst cards for the side-bet game…

Finally, the 9th comes and man did it hit high – almost ready to see a split on the board, but boom – we all fall down and the Ole’ man even told me – “Now that was your break…”

By this time we’re getting ready for the 10th and pizza comes over… I’m hungry – I’m sweating… and unlike the others we bowl with, I’m not loving the “extra” attention and ask the teams next to us to continue as normal – I don’t want want to be up there on a pedestal…

10th – boom – rocket to the pocket

11th – a smidge underhook, but again, same results – and now I have my flush…

12th ball – grab more baby powder – put my thumb in… take my thumb out – not a chance I look where my feet are… Boom!

This was my 2nd go-a-round at a perfect game, the first time was 2 years ago when my dad was out of town – This time, the ole’ man got to see me do just like I watched him throw his 300 in 1992…

This has been a great week

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