March 21 – Why Do We Live Here?

Why do we live here?

I probably hear that question more than many people, as my wife has a vendetta against the Winter season…

First off, I don’t understand what she hates about it?! Ok, it’s cold… and people drive slow in the snow – point taken… But when it comes to the snow shoveling, salting, tracking 2 Godzilla bins of garbage on a steep ramp of a drive way – all that fun stuff falls on me!

But reacting to her question – I always play the card of getting the 4 seasons…

It’s funny though, because in the Chicagoland area, we literally can see 4 seasons within 48 hours – which is just AWESOME!

I chose to go up to Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan – simply because of seeing the record setting snow fall.

It didn’t disappoint!

Sure, you got to explore the outdoor winter activities it came with, but I think the most important part was figuring out how to do things in situations and scenarios, like 3-day long blizzards where the drift consumes your entry doors…

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