March 20: Hanging with the HANNAbal

I started this writing extravaganza earlier in the month while finishing my first 3 courses of my grad program, setting up my taxes and more gibberish than I would have preferred. 

Took some time, but things have now slowed down and things have been great! 

In the past week, life has been good… money in the bank, happy wife, dogs are getting along, and the house projects have been planned… 

Then yesterday happened… 

I get a random text around 1:00 from my mom (Her friends call her Hanna… her son calls her the Hannabal)… that she’s headed to the ER… 

(Apologies in advance if I butcher the doctor terms) Turns out, my mom’s blood level (her hemoglobins) was at a 4.5, normal people are at an 11… As stated in a previous post, she’s got a pretty solid history of medical issues. 

So, Friday night I sat with the Hannabal as she received a blood transfusion… the GI doctor came in and went through the game plan…

Today (Saturday) she is going through a procedure of upper and lower GI – The only GI I know about is a real American Hero … so this is all quite new to me…

Yesterday, when he explained the plan – he talked about what happens if they can’t find the issue in her GI track – they will be giving her a pill with a camera in it and watch as it moves through her small intestine – now sure, not in the greatest mindset right now, but try to find the positive here people… There is a pill you swallow with a camera in it, how AWESOME is that! – TALK ABOUT A HARD PILL TO SWALLOW!

My Saturday off from my side hustle was scheduled for replacing the tires on my truck and getting some home repair done. 

And at a drop of a dime, I’m sitting in a waiting room at 7:13 in the morning waiting for the next step…

Coffee black please! 

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